GR881 Non Volatile RAM

Manufactured in the UK


The GR881 is an industrial temperature range 8192 word by 8 bits (8k x 8) non-volatile static RAM fabricated from advanced silicon gate CMOS technology and a high reliability lithium power cell.

The 28W dil pinout of the GR881 conforms to the JEDEC standards and is fully compatible with normal static RAM

The power down circuit is fully automatic and is referenced at 4.5V. At this point the GR881 is write protected by an internal inhibit function for data protection and the memory contents are retained by the lithium power source.

Power down is very fast, this being essential for data integrity, taking a maximum 15 microseconds to power down from 5V to 0V. This is much faster than any system power failure conditions; therefore there are no special conditions required when installing the GR881

The GR881 can, without external power, retain data almost indefinitely; the limiting factor being the shelf life of the lithium power cell, typically 10 years

GR881 NVRAM (8k x 8 bits)

Main GR881 Parameters

Memory Size64kbit
Organisation8k x 8 bit
Data Bus Width8 bit
Max. Random Access Time70nS
Max. Supply Voltage5.5V
Min. Supply Voltage4.75V
Mounting TypeThrough Hole
Package TypePDIP
Pin Count28

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